Bon Voyage

Anyone who travels knows that you must carefully consider what to pack due to the endless limitations. Airlines greatly limit the number of luggage items and are especially strict with the weight of your suitcase. When travelling by train, women like their luggage to be chic and light as a feather so that they can manoeuvre it easily, with style.

That is why La Biosthétique has launched a selection of limited mini sizes - for an easy travel experience.

To ensure the morning shower remains enjoyable even when on the road, Crème Douche is available with the Hydro-Protect-Complex for all skin types as a 75 ml mini size. 


And because nobody wants to do without constantly conditioned hair, we offer a small 100 ml size of the Shampoo Protection Couleur Vital for thick to normal hair or Soleil Shampoo for after-sun care. 

The Conditionneur Beauté for every hair type is available in a 60 ml special size, as is the 2-phase protein spray Essence de Proteine with double power: restructuring and shine. 


What’s missing? Styling of course. That’s why LA BIOSTHETIQUE designed special travel sizes of Fanelac S, the spray for shine and strong hold as a 50 ml size. The nicest thing about it: Everything fits in even the smallest beauty bag.

Bon voyage!
Travel sizes at a glance: