Long, longer, Cheveux Longs!

Care for shiny, long hair

Which woman hasn't at some point in her life dreamt of having long hair? If the dream of silky, shiny long hair is to become a reality, you need one thing: rich and intensive care.

However, achieving long and beautiful hair is not always easy. 55 percent of all women already have hair that is chin-length or longer. At least every second woman wants long hair. For several reasons. Long hair offers a whole lot of styling variations and is particularly versatile. Moreover, long hair represents pure femininity and stylish elegance. But it also needs lots of attention from us. Because external influences and countless hair-washing, brushing and combing, as well as blow-drying, can damage the protective cuticle and often lead to loss of shine, brittleness or even hair breakage and split ends. In addition, long hair usually shows structural differences. The young hair in the upper third needs a different care than the lengths. Yet the hair needs to look good, shine and above all have healthy growth. Almost sounds like a little miracle, but it doesn't have to be. So long as you know what's important. 
The products from the Cheveux Longs range by La Biosthétique intensively condition long hair with a complex of proteins and moisturisers and make it silky soft. Hyaluronic acid and valuable natural oils additionally revitalise the hair working inside the hair structure. This range's mood-elevating and harmonising scent developed by Geza Schön perfectly completes the Cheveux Longs hair care and makes your long hair irresistible.

A range for all women who want perfect care for their long hair or who are still yearning for long hair. Discover Cheveux Longs:

Volumising Spa Shampoo

This shampoo particularly works on the more stressed hair ends and strengthens fine or lifeless long hair. The gentle composition of natural betaine, hyaluronic acid, wheat peptide, keratin and polymers based on cellulose and guar bean provide beautiful volume, silky shine, good combability and more flexibility.

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Silky Spa Shampoo

The long hair spa treatment begins as soon as you wash your hair. With valuable hyaluronic acid and an anti-hair breakage complex it is precisely customised to the needs of long hair and contains special active ingredients to balance out minor structural damage while you wash your hair. The shampoo ensures good combability, wonderful shine, a luxurious scent in the hair and a silky hair sensation.

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Hydrating Spa Fluid

The moisturising care emulsion immediately makes stressed hair lengths noticeably shinier and softer. Valuable hyaluronic acid binds the moisture necessary for the hair's elasticity. Sacha inchi nut oil from the Peruvian Andes strengthens the hair's sensitive structure and increases its resistance. The leave-in care emulsion can be combined with all styling products.

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Silky Spliss Repair

Split ends care! Synthetic high-tech active ingredients combined with weightless and natural oil from the seed of the Peruvian Sacha inchi nut glue together split ends and give them new shine and softness. Used regularly, the sensitive hair ends are protected against splitting. A few drops suffice.

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Intensive Spa Mask

The perfect conclusion to a special pampering treatment. The restructuring hair mask conditions dry, brittle and damaged hair. An effect complex of deep-conditioning natural oils, valuable hyaluronic acid and extract of South American Yacón root balances out weaknesses in the hair. For noticeably healthier hair, added shine and softness. Used regularly, it improves the hair structure.

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Luxury Spa Oil

Luxury Spa Oil is a conditioning, protective and glossing spa treatment for dry hair and brittle hair lengths. A special oil complex from the seed of the Peruvian Sacha inchi nut and Moroccan argan fruits results in brilliant shine, prevents hair breakage and imparts lively flexibility and softness. The oil can be used in wet or dry hair.

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Detangling Spa Spray

Detangling Spa Spray instantly smooths knotted, roughened hair and makes it easier to comb hair through after washing without any stressful tearing. Extracts of silk and Sacha inchi nut oil strengthen the structure and result in silky shine and elasticity.

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Intensive Activating Lotion

Intensive Activating Lotion supplies the hair roots with a special powerful cocktail, which is proven to boost the growth of strong hair and may accelerate its growth by up to 32 percent.

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How should you properly use the Cheveux Longs products?

In the video, Alexander Dinter, International Creative Director at La Biosthétique Paris, reveals the best styling and care tips with the Cheveux Longs range.

Perfumier Geza Schön in an interview with International Creative Director Alexander Dinter

"Particularly for long hair, the scent plays a big role. The hair surrounds the face and other people also take in the scent as the hair moves. Integrating a perfume in the highly effective care products was a welcome challenge for me: It's always a balancing act translating the care properties of a product into an idea for a perfume. The Cheveux Longs composition features a fruity top note, an elegant heart note and a balsamic base note, without losing any of its efficacy. The scent is so discreet that it can be combined with any other perfume".