Holistic anti-aging care for skin and hair

Youthful appearance thanks to skin cell research

Did you know that you can influence your external aging process by up to 70 percent? On the one hand, the right protection from free radicals keeps you, your body, your cells and thus your appearance young. On the other hand, it's important to protect your body from saccharification.

Dermosthétique Anti-Age by La Biosthétique promises holistic anti-aging care of skin and hair by prevention, protection and stimulation. 

There are numerous causes of skin aging, which is why effective anti-aging products work in several ways. The Dermosthétique phyto cell extracts provide anti-aging protection against free radicals. They protect the cells of skin, scalp and hair and ensure optimum growth. This means the parent cells remain active and their production is repeatedly stimulated. The Dermosthétique phyto cell extracts delay the aging of skin and hair and enable natural cell regeneration. 

However, thin hair and fine lines are mostly the consequence of impaired collagen and/or elastin fibre networks due to glycation (sugar deposition). The Dermosthétique hair and scalp 

care products contain anti-aging glyco cell extracts of bearberry and Indian padauk. These combat the decomposition of collagen and positively influence the hair roots. The hair follicle is active and the hair is thus shinier and healthier. The Dermosthétique anti-aging skincare products have glyco cell extracts of special algae to combat sugar deposition. This keeps the skin's collagen fibre network elastic, which results in less wrinkle formation. 

The efficacy and quality of the Dermosthétique anti-aging care for skin and hair were of course studied and proven in clinical tests. The long-term effect was even proven in a separate three-month study. Here the scientists noticed significant skin improvements in the form of visibly firmer and smoother skin.

Inspired by the Total Beauty Concept of La Biosthétique, the Dermosthétique anti-aging products for skin and hair have a holistic effect and enable individual care.
Dermosthetique Anti-Age Cheveux