Bye-bye dandruff and irritated scalp!

Irritated scalp? Recurring dandruff? Fight the causes of dandruff with the multiple effect concept Dermosthétique Anti-Pelliculaire.

Dandruff isn’t just an annoying cosmetic problem, but rather a sign that the scalp is completely imbalanced and its natural protective acid mantle is no longer functioning. Once dandruff becomes noticeable, a scalp problem such as itching, dryness or sensitivity has existed for a long time. Mental stress, metabolic disorders, environmental stimuli or incorrect care often aggravate the problem. If the dandruff remains untreated, in the long term this can result in sparse hair growth and, in extreme cases, hair loss. Particularly if the dandruff problem constantly flares up and results in chronic stress for the scalp.

A superior problem-solver

The anti-dandruff therapy Dermosthétique Anti-Pelliculaire is an innovative, highly scientific range for sensitive scalps that, in contrast to other anti-dandruff products on the market, interrupts the fatal vicious circle of dandruff formation on various levels. It instantly and gently eradicates the acute problem of visible dandruff, reduces dandruff-causing microbes, intensively calms the hypersensitive scalp and makes it more resistant to stress factors.


Dermosthétique Anti-Pelliculaire consists of three products: shampoo, scalp lotion and instant care.

Shampooing Apaisant thoroughly yet gently cleanses the highly sensitive scalp of dandruff, contains an effective antimicrobial active ingredient to reduce damaging microbes and instantly soothes itchiness and irritations.
Lotion Apaisante is an intensive lotion for rapid relief of stress reactions and lasting normalisation of the scalp’s hypersensitivity to irritations. Extracts of pepper fruits and bark extracts from the Inga alba mimosa tree regulate the sebaceous glands and prevent inflammatory processes.
Baume Apaisant is an instantly relaxing anti-dandruff treatment of the scalp, as well as gentle care of the hair after every shampoo. A highly effective active complex harmonises the impaired processes of skin renewal and soothes nervous overreactions. The finest lady’s smock oil and horse chestnut extract give the hair natural shine and silkiness.

The result

After just one application, the visible dandruff is noticeably reduced. The scalp’s protective acid mantle is healthy again and the hair has sufficient energy available to it, so that the risk of hair loss is no longer an issue. The hair feels soft and shiny and the scalp feels nice and relaxed. 

Application tip from Senior Hair Consultant Désirée Ahlhaus

“It’s best to start consistently with Shampoo Apaisante and Lotion Apaisante. If the hair is also in need of care, you can also use the express care Baume Apaisante. This enables you to get annoying dandruff under control in four weeks. Once shampoo and lotion have been used up, you can return to your original care. For chronic dandruff problems, depending on the situation, you should always consistently or repeatedly use Dermosthétique Anti-Pelliculaire. This is very suitable because the products are not aggressive, but instead calm and strengthen the scalp and rebuild its protective acid mantle. This is the only way to prevent the consequences of dandruff”.

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