The Leonard Paris Seventies hair look

Luxury, modernity, comfort: these three keywords describe the style of Leonard Paris. The French fashion brand represents the perfect symbiosis of innovative expertise and outstanding craftsmanship. You can’t miss it – the corporate philosophy and standards of La Biosthétique and Leonard Paris have much in common.The Spring-Summer Collection 2020 reinterprets the energy of the seventies, and is inspired by strong women such as Bianca Jagger, Farrah Fawcett, Grace Jones and Donna Jordan. Christine Phung, designer of the label, associates 

the 1970s with joie de vivre, euphoria and liberalness. Women’s new concept of freedom was the focus of the collection, which was presented in Paris on 27 September.

The hair look created with La Biosthétique products is inspired by US actress Farrah Fawcett, and is a perfect fit with the Seventies Collection of Leonard Paris.

The Leonard Paris hair look “Seventies look”, step by step:

Step 1

Prepare the hair with Fixateur Mousse – this provides strong hold

Step 2

Make a centre parting to create the typical seventies look

Step 3

Use a medium-sized round brush to blow-dry the hair, put it in curlers and fasten with clips. Let cool.

Step 4

Before unfastening the sections, spray on Formule Laque Fine to ensure the hair stays in shape for a long time

Step 5

Define the hair again with medium-sized curling irons

Step 6

For conditioned tips, apply some Cheveux Longs Luxury Spa Oil to the hair

Step 7

Finish with Glossing Spray for a glamorous catwalk look