Let it snow!

Discover the best La Biosthétique care products to perfectly protect your skin and hair in winter.

A cocoon for the skin

The frequent alternation between cold and heat excessively stresses the skin in winter. So the skin really benefits from rich care. Cold Cream is specially geared towards this need. The water in oil emulsion coats the skin like a protective cloak with components of oats, beeswax and almond oil. Tightness is instantly reduced, the skin is sufficiently hydrated and its natural barrier function is strengthened. In addition, the contained arginine activates the skin’s cell function. The cream can even be applied under UV protection. In combination with Elixir Vitalité, the skin looks even fresher and more youthful. The fine blend of rich oils of blackcurrant seed and sunflower, combined with a cell and DNA protection complex of extracts such as rice, rosemary and sugar beet, results in an increase of the cells’ energy balance. In the morning and evening, after cleansing the face, apply to the still moist skin and lightly massage in.

After a long cold day, pamper the skin with Menulphia Jeunesse Hydratante cream. Lipoamino acid, Vitamin E and skin-related squalane from sugar cane combat premature skin aging. This can be incorporated in your morning and evening routine as a mini anti-aging spa ritual.

Silky and shiny, even in winter

The hair is also stressed more than usual in the cold months. Dry Hair Shampoo restores softness, shine and elasticity to stressed winter hair. This is where the unique lipid cocktail, containing trace elements, minerals, active ingredients of the desert rose and oats, supplemented by sugar beet betaine and soy lecithin, develops its effect. Additionally enhance this effect with Dry Hair Conditioner. Briefly leave on towel-dried hair after washing, rinse and instantly enjoy up to 34 percent more softness.

For an extra portion of care we recommend Oil Therapy Cream. This nourishing and regenerative deep-conditioning care is suitable for fine to thick hair and repairs all existing structural damage. The contained cold-pressed castor oil contains an unusually high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. The cream is applied like a course of treatment and after washing should be left on the hair for around 10 minutes.

Stubborn and flyaway hair can be shaped with Anti Frizz Styling Balm. It surrounds and stabilises the hair with natural chitosan and gives it instant, natural hold. Simply apply to slightly moist hair, work into the lengths and tips and then style the hair as desired.