Synergy care for oily and blemished skin

It doesn't take long to achieve clear and unblemished skin: with the right cleansing and care the skin feels fresh and its natural balance is restored: Méthode Clarifiante.

Puberty was long ago and yet we still battle with annoying pimples and blackheads. The reason? The skin is often affected by stress or the wrong diet. Sometimes it is also due to the care that isn't suitable for the current climate. You can use the professional, confident skin diagnosis of La Biosthétique to find out your skin's current needs. If the complexion appears to have surplus sebum, i.e. the skin has large pores and is oily and irritated, Méthode Clarifiante is the best choice for oily, blemished skin. On the one hand, it convinces by its special effect; on the other hand by its delicately scented essential oils.

Cleansing for oily skin

The aim of Méthode Clarifiante is to remove hornified, dead skin scales, as well as surplus sebum, from the surface of the skin. At the same time the skin's protective acid mantle is maintained and the skin is not dehydrated. It is recommended to deep cleanse the oily, blemished skin at the beginning of the treatment in the morning and evening with the combination of the liquid exfoliant Lotion Desincrustante and cleansing gel Clair de Teint Clarifiant.
1. Apply Lotion Desincrustante with the cotton pad to oily, shiny skin zones. This unblocks sebum in the pores and disinfects inflamed areas.
2. The cleansing gel Clair de Teint Clarifiant thoroughly cleanses the skin. Sebum production is reduced and the skin is protected against dehydration and irritation.
3. For rough, uneven skin surfaces, simply apply the gentle exfoliating mask Masque Peeling twice to three times a week. After the treatment, skin care products are much better absorbed and thanks to peeling on a regular basis, the complexion looks more radiant and more beautiful.
4. As a final step of the cleansing, dab Visalix Clarifiant face lotion on to the skin. Its complex of active ingredients made of cypress, horsetail, St. John's Wort, thyme oil and hamameli has an astringent effect and, at the same time, strengthens the skin's structure. The complexion becomes clearer and less blemished.

Individual special care for blemished skin

The La Biosthétique skincare is regulating and harmonising. Thus, with a combination of licqorice roots and oakmoss extract, Creme Pureté Clarifiantesoothes the skin and reduces inflammation. Even after a short period of time, the skin relaxes and calms down.

Individual special care for blemished skin

Individual skin blemishes are locally treated with Likopan Gel. Even after a few hours, the skin appears more even and relaxed. Inflammationis visibly reduced. Locally applied with the cotton bud, the skin oil has an intensive effect.

Individual special care for blemished skin

Until the sebum production has normalised, you must cleanse the skin regularly and thoroughly. There is extensive care and calming of the skin when you start using Méthode Clarifiante. With Masque Clarifiante the skin should be calmed and cared for at least every two to three days. Kaolin (fine white clay) absorbs the sebum like a sponge. Bisabolol takes care of skin irritation and jojoba and wheat germ oil care for the skin and supply it with moisture.

The Méthode Clarifiante at a glance:

If the skin has normalised after using Méthode Clarifiante for a certain time, it is possible to switch to Méthode Relaxante or Méthode Anti-Age. The skin specialists of La Biosthétique are happy to discuss your skin’s needs and find the right care, depending on season, age and lifestyle. 

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