Time for a pampering routine

It’s Mother’s Day – now more than ever, we feel motivated to take care of our loved ones. The perfect time to enjoy some pampering or to give the gift of the exclusive pampering products of La Biosthétique.

No, of course you shouldn’t just celebrate your mother one day a year, but Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to remember how important it is to take time for a break. To slow down and recharge your batteries, to treat yourself or someone you care about to an all-round care routine or to enjoy being pampered with exclusive products for skin, nails and hair.

The scent of beautiful women

The ideal Mother’s Day present. With its flattering character, Eau de Parfum Femme envelopes the wearer with a warm, soft scent of exotic green notes, blossoms and patchouli for fresh lightness and feminine sensuality.

Pampering routine 1: Styling for the hair

A nourishing and regenerative intensive care gives the hair a whole new shine. The salon-exclusive Oil Therapy Cream harnesses the magic of the oil of the miracle tree, also known as castor oil, to give hair not only shine, but also fantastic softness and extraordinary elasticity from the comfort of your own home. The contained care substance based on rapeseed oil also repairs structural damages caused by stress factors such as hot blow-drying, sun or lack of care. Maximise the results of this when you use it with the leave-in Oil Therapy Conditioning Spray.

Pampering routine 2: For radiant skin

A high-quality care for soft skin is an essential part of a Mother’s Day pampering routine. The cell-active La Capsule Hydratante capsules combine the intensive effect of hyaluronic acid with natural plant active ingredients to supply moisture, bind it in the skin and provide natural cell protection for the prevention of premature skin aging. The anti-aging lipid serum La Capsule contains active substances for a radiant, firm and noticeably smoother complexion, and also restores balance to the facial skin.

Pampering routine 3: The perfect make-up

The most beautiful of all Mother’s Day looks of course requires an even complexion, beautiful lips, well groomed nails and irresistible eyes.

The La Biosthétique lipsticks with precious oils, conditioning ingredients and a unique texture belong in every hand bag, especially on Mother’s Day. Delicate lips should always be paired with expressive eyes.

Perfect Boost Mascara gives the lashes maximum length, thickness and volume, and also conditions them with an active ingredient complex of castor oil, hyaluronic acid and carnauba wax.

The Highlighter Duo Gold or Rose gives the face additional radiance. The silky powder with iridescent shimmer delicately coats the facial skin and gives the complexion an inner glow.

The nails shine with the impressive and cheerful shades of the Brilliant Nail nail polishes. The colour Red Allure, for example, gives fingernails and toe nails sassy cheer and high gloss.