Nobi Talai – NT.06

La Biosthétique created the hair and make-up catwalk look for the autumn/winter 2018/19 fashion collection of Nobi Talai at Paris Fashion Week.

Black luxury limos crawled around Place Vendôme between the Paris Opera and Jardin des Tuileries in the 1st arrondissement. Between the legendary Hotel Ritz and the world's most famous jewellers is Hôtel d'Evreux. Through the huge gate at house number 19, you enter the impressive inner courtyard, which is completely peaceful a few hours before the show of the new Nobi Talai collection. Just a few metres as the crow flies from the hectic happenings around the historic Place Vendôme, Paris Fashion Week presented itself from its most beautiful side. Calm and sunny, this spring day was as pretty as a picture.

Nobieh Talaei ranks among the beacons of hope and shooting stars of the German fashion scene. The Persian who has made Berlin her home participated in the Paris Fashion Week with her collection "NT.06" of her Nobi Talai label. Her creations that display minimalism in all its wealth and richness were loved by audiences on the penultimate day of Paris Fashion Week. Her colour palette is dominated by dark green and the deepest blue and black. Only in certain instances was the monochromatic colour theme interrupted by targeted accents such as colourful apron skirts or intense checks with the new Nobi Talai pomegranate logo. With the traditional minimalism, but also the innovative use of textiles such as pleated vegan leather, jackets with accentuated shoulders as a signature piece, opulent earrings or the combination of soft, flowing and sculpted shapes, Nobi Talai managed to present a collection in which every single piece tells its own story, but can still be combined in many different ways.

Iris Berben is not the only fan of Nobi Talai

In the wonderful atrium atmosphere of the "Salle des Tirages", renowned journalists, Nobi Talai fans such as actress Iris Berben and influencers such as Nina Suess, Lisa Hahnbück, Marie von den Benken, Anna Sharypova, Carina Zavline and Sue Giers (one of Germany's most important fashion authorities) lined the catwalk and were enchanted by Nobi Talai's autumn/winter 2018/19 fashion. Before the show, Iris Berben, who is undoubtedly one of Germany's most renowned actresses, attracted the attention of various photographers in a lovely red Nobi Talai suit with a perfectly matching hairstyle. Before the show, La Biosthétique flagship salon owner Jörg Oppermann from Hamburg personally created the hairstyle for the cheerful Iris Berben, resulting in flash-happy photographers.

Behind the scenes of the show

Behind the wonderful scenes, in the backstage area, numerous employees, hairdressers and stylists created the perfect fashion show. Over just a few square-metres, La Biosthétique International Creative Director Alexander Dinter, International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll and their team created the looks for the models that were exclusively designed for this day to match the designs of Nobi Talai. Nobieh Talaei herself describes the cooperation with La Biosthétique in her Paris journal for the magazine "VOGUE": "The creative and lovely cooperation with La Biosthétique truly complements the Nobi Talai look".

Super Pure Hair

"The goal was for the hair to look natural with movement. It should look almost untouched, not too shiny, not too matte. The designer wanted a look that didn't appear overdone and that showcases and complements the natural hair structure. I created a look that combines all these properties. The hair was not curled, but twisted and then unwrapped. I call it Super Pure Hair. And to preserve the naturalness only a few products were used. Botanique Pure Nature Intense Styling Cream was used to finish the hair".

International Creative Director Alexander Dinter

That’s how the look is styled:


Blow dry using a diffuser.


The natural hair styling of the Nobi Tailai look requires only two products: Essence de Proteine & Botanique Pure Nature Intense Styling Cream.


The hair is first prepared with Essence de Proteine working product down the lengths.


Twirl hair until it doubles hack on itself and forms a bun.


Clip the bun in place.

Simplified Beauty

"I wanted to create a simplified beauty. A beautiful, even, calm skin is the base. The eyes were emphasised with an orange shade. Orange is a colour that isn't easy to use on the eyes. When you use orange shades on the eyes, it's very important to have a very balanced, even complexion, and the skin can't look blotchy. We call it simplified beauty because it perfectly complements and doesn't conceal the beauty of the models, the beauty of a woman".

International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll from New York

How to create the look:


To strengthen the look, the eyebrows are accentuated with Automatic Pencil for Eyes.

Apply Perfect Volume Black mascara to the top lashes.

Finish by applying Magic Shadow Mono Orange Breeze to the cheeks to lightly freshen them up.


First prepare the skin with a moisture care: La Capsule Hydratante or the rich Balancing Cream is particularly suitable. Use your palm to work the cream into the skin for one to two minutes.


Then give the complexion beautiful evenness with the new Perfect Stay Foundation, which is powdery with high coverage. This is great combined with the moisture care, so the skin doesn't get too dry and the skin structure is flawless.


Then apply the cream eyeshadow Silky Eyes Soft Coral to the top lid, feather out on the sides with Magic Shadow Orange Breeze.


So that the orange on the eyes doesn't look as if you've cried, you must outline it. Draw eyeliner along the top lash edge. Easy Liner Black was used at Paris Fashion Week.

A completely successful extravagant fashion presentation, once again emphasised by the hairstyling and make-up of the La Biosthétique team of experts.