The La Biosthétique make-up and hair stylist team of Steffen Zoll and Alexander Dinter created the runway look for the urban fashion of Nobi Talai  

The German-Persian fashion designer Nobieh Talaei has justifiably been dubbed a rising star of the fashion scene with her Berlin label “Nobi Talai”. The label, which was only founded in 2015, has already won several accolades, including BUNTE’s New Faces Award Style in the category “Young Fashion Designer”, and is regarded by the trade press as the “new hope for German fashion”. Today, the day before the end of Fashion Week, it is the brand’s second season and is creating a stir in Paris, the epicentre of fashion. As if it wasn’t  hectic enough at Place de la Concorde, the heart of Parisian traffic between Jardin des Tuileries and Avenue des Champs-Élysées, designer Nobieh Talaei has chosen this very location to introduce her new “NT.05 Spring/Summer” collection in Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume.  

The look for the runway  

For the La Biosthétique Paris team it’s vital to stay calm despite the usual frenzy outside the contemporary art museum and the bustle of preparing for a professional show during Paris Fashion Week. The models’ looks have to perfectly match the outfits. Nobi Talai is presenting summer 2018 --a mixture of her well-known nomadic style with lots of elegant structure and soft emblems. This year, the garments feature more than 18,000 Swarovski gems and crystals. For the hair and make-up team it is both fun, and creatively challenging, to devise a matching beauty look.

Elegant Madonnaesque statues

Make-up artist and stylist Steffen Zoll travelled from New York for the Nobi Talai show. He is one of the industry’s stars with more than 20 years of experience in Paris and the Big Apple. Working together with him, key junior stylists are also given the opportunity to attend Paris Fashion Week and style the Nobi Talai models. Elodie Lopes, the current winner of the International Beauty Stylist Award, which is regularly presented by La Biosthétique Paris’s high-calibre international jury, is also part of the team this time. The look she is crafting today for Nobi Talai was created by Steffen Zoll for “NT.05 Spring/Summer”. He describes it as “unusual”. His concept is based on a Madonnaesque look that is a little retro yet very modern.

„The Make-up is only as good as the surface is“

“I have created a fairly cool Raw Beauty Look. Before I applied the actual base, I prepared the skin with LaCapsule Hydratante and Elixir Vitalité. For this look the foundation is mixed with the Glamour Kit cream. Then highlights are applied to the cheekbone, between the eyebrows, on the chin and above the lip. This creates a subtle glow which lasts even when you apply powder. Sunsation is applied to the cheeks for a light earthy warmth. This makes the skin look statuesque. I like to leave the eyes nude. Just a hint of eyeshadow and no mascara. Finally, the lips are given a matte dark brown colour. Automatic Pencil for Lips Bordeaux is used as a primer, and then dab Magic Shadow Cool Brown on to the lips. This provides a very thin texture without hiding the lip structure. Glamour Kit Gold provides a hint of shine on the lips. I think you can call the look Madonnaesque”. 

Steffen Zoll, La Biosthétique make-up artist from New York

Catwalk hairstyling with Alexander Dinter 

Of course, the hairstyles are just as important as make-up that matches the outfits and philosophy of the designers. For Nobi Talai La Biosthétique International Creative Director Alexander Dinter worked with his team to create a hair look that perfectly showcases the collection’s innovation. His crash course for creating a real Nobi Talai Spring/Summer 2018 hairstyle is:

- Part the hair with an irregular curve
- Use La Biosthétique Essence de Proteine for normal to fine hair
- Then Botanique Intense Styling Cream is thoroughly worked into all the hair
- It is important not to add any volume
- The fine hair on the forehead is sectioned off
- Horizontal clips are pinned at the back of the head to create a slim silhouette and shape
- The clips are visibly and rather randomly/diagonally fastened in the hair

The original Nobi Talai hairstyle is complete

Paris pays homage to Nobi Talai  

This evening, the architecturally precise structure of Nobieh Talaei’s new collection, which is once again influenced by her Persian roots, is receiving rave reviews from the press and euphoric applause from the audience. The La Biosthétique Paris team is happy and proud to have contributed to this wonderful success as the official hair and make-up partner of Nobi Talai.