Nobi Talai and Talbot Runhof Autumn-Winter 2019/20 shows

The La Biosthétique Paris beauty experts with Nobi Talai and Talbot Runhof at Paris Fashion Week

Spring is said to be the most beautiful season in Paris. Ella Fitzgerald sang “I Love Paris In The Springtime”, and this applies especially to the first days of March when the city of couture and beauty exudes a particularly inspiring vibe. Because it’s Fashion Week. Like fashion, spring stands for renewal and the beginning of a new cycle. It’s also when the greatest designers and fashion houses meet between Place Vêndome, Grand Palais, Place des Vosges and Jardin du Luxembourg to present their newest creations to the illustrious crowds 

of fashion journalists, customers, influencers and celebrities who have come to Paris from all over the world.

La Biosthétique: beauty partner for Talbot Runhof and Nobi Talai

This is also a very busy time at the La Biosthétique Paris headquarters in Rue de Tilsitt, with its impressive view of the Arc de Triomphe. Creative Director Alexander Dinter and Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll and their teams rush through the historic building. They transform gorgeous models into fashion works of art. As the official beauty partner for Talbot Runhof and Nobi Talai, the two German fashion labels who traditionally present their new collections during Paris Fashion Week, La Biosthétique Paris is responsible for creating the corresponding hair and make-up looks to complement the fantastic fashion designs.

Meanwhile, La Biosthétique Paris, Talbot Runhof and Nobi Talai look back on a long-standing beauty partnership. The teams have grown together creatively and professionally during the many Fashion Weeks that are popular with the public. This shared history makes the preparations for Fashion Week and the days in Paris seem like a kind of family reunion. A pleasant atmosphere that fosters success in the hectic pace of Fashion Week.


Talbot Runhof with a hint of


NT.08 — The new collection by
Nobi Talai

Step-by-step tutorial for the Leonard Paris “Self-made Braid” look

In keeping with the title of the “Flight AH19 Paris-Jaipur” collection, the inspiration for the hair look was a self-made braid – the perfect style for a long-haul flight. In time, individual strands come out of the braid and give the style a messy look.

The Leonard Paris hair look “Self-made Braid” - a step-by-step explanation:

1. Prepare the hair by generously applying Beach Effect Styling Spray to add texture.
2. Braid the hair – not too tightly. It needs to remain loose and light.
3. Tie the braid with transparent hair ties, and pull out a few strands.
4. Apply Volume Powder to the hair ends.
5. Finish with Formule Laque and Botanique Intense Styling Cream.