Finally glorious long hair

It’s not that easy to find a good hairdresser. Because it’s not just about getting a good cut: a hairdressing appointment is balm for the soul and our beauty.

That is why we have the following motto in our La Biosthétique salons: The Culture of Total Beauty – and we really do make this a reality.

With an unusual range of services for hair care, colour, styling, skin and make-up. Coiffeurs at La Biosthétique not only very professionally take care of your hair. In addition to a customised, perfect cut, we will also give you the best care and exciting colours. Furthermore, our services also include the entire cosmetic spectrum. Because your beauty and wellbeing are really important to us. So relax, sit back, experience our soothing treatments and enjoy the time.

The beauty ritual

Every visit is an experience.

There is a special bond between a woman and her hairdresser. It is important that they get along well and that the hair appointment is enjoyable and not stressful. That is why we offer a special beauty routine at La Biosthétique. In our salons, we work with Méthode La Biosthétique, which offers a holistic care solution for the wellbeing of scalp, hair and skin. All products only contain high-quality ingredients that promise a high level of tolerance. Because we want you to sit back, let us pamper you with high-quality products and send you home with a smile on your face.


Your hair appointment begins with the La Biosthétique tea. This is a premium quality herbal tea from certified organic cultivation which replenishes your water balance, contains valuable antioxidants and tastes delicious too.

Voyage of the senses

In addition to the perfect hairstyle, we will give you an invigorating or a relaxing express massage of special reflexology points along the facial contour. Of course this is performed in combination with the essential oils of Visarôme Dynamique from La Biosthétique.

Scalp and skin type check

From dry hair to a sensitive scalp to hair with roots that rapidly become oily: Not every person is the same and not every scalp needs the same care. With the help of our detailed hair and scalp diagnosis, we can select customised products for you.


We don’t just wash your hair. We will give you a pampering hair wash with special products and a scalp massage. This is calming, very pleasant and stimulates the scalp’s circulation. And that, in turn, is good for your hair.

Top consultation

We will pamper you with only the best products and latest cutting and colouring techniques. In addition, we will store your hair information in your customer card. To ensure that you always get precisely what you and your hair need.

Make-up Refreshing

We are also pros when it comes to make up, and we know the latest trends and looks. Let us advise you on how to make the most of your best features and cleverly conceal minor flaws: we will complete your new hairstyle by touching up your make-up.

The perfect consultation

Our home care recommendations will guarantee you enjoy lasting care benefits. In addition, it is part of our service to explain how to style your hair step by step so that you can easily restyle it yourself later on!