Spa - Pure luxury!

Switch off from your everyday life, treat yourself to a break and immerse yourself in the wellbeing of the gentlest body care. And surround yourself by scents that hold a little secret.

Heating air is dry as the desert and robs the skin of its natural protective substances. The right care is now the key to pass the test of endurance of the wintry heating period with flying colours. When it's cold and grey outside, you can turn your indoors into a little wellness oasis. Enjoy home care that caresses all your senses. Transform your daily care ritual into your personal, soothing spa experience. 

The La Biosthétique Spa range with valuable ingredients from milk and yoghurt and the 

harmonising scent essences of refreshing green limes, basil, lemon grass and pink pepper notes, which are full of character and usher in the subsequent and lingering base note of sensuous vanilla paired with warm cedar notes. Spa caresses the senses and results in a balancing, lasting feeling of wellbeing. Experience the enticement of silky soft skin that is as sensuous as silk and satin!

Incorporate the Spa feeling in your home treatments!

Le Bain

Wellness shower/bath for skin and hair.

The soothing shower/bath for a little break at home. Valuable milk components maintain the skin’s sensitive protective acid mantle. Stimulating scent essences provide invigorating freshness as you shower and leave your skin and hair smelling simply delicious – the perfect start to your day. Hypoallergenic and can also be used in your bath.

Le Peeling

Revitalising and gentle wellness exfoliating shower gel.

The refreshing wellness body scrub for velvety soft, evenly radiant skin. Fine bamboo exfoliating particles smoothen and revitalise the skin while chicory inulin and yoghurt active ingredients firm and moisturise the skin. The skin's health and resistance are strengthened so that the bamboo scrub is even suitable for dry skin that is prone to sensitivities.

Le Lait

Invigorating and moisturising wellness body milk.

The easily absorbed wellness body milk with skin-related milk and yoghurt components instantly soothes and visibly softens the skin. It lastingly supplies it with moisture and gives it extra care. Chicory inulin and yoghurt promote a healthy biological balance and strengthen the skin structure: the velvety soft milk with the invigorating and refreshing scent provides an energising care sensation.


Relaxing, conditioning wellness body oil.

The rapidly absorbed wellness body oil intensively conditions the skin with its high-quality plant lipids. Even very dry skin relaxes with this pleasantly lasting spa experience. Extract of balloon vine, blackcurrant seed and sunflower protects the skin and strengthens the barrier function. Milk components provide a silky smooth skin and maintain the moisture balance. The warm and velvety scent that lingers on the skin long after you have applied the care enrobes the body with a harmonising aura.

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Le Déodorant

Refreshing deodorant without aluminium for long-lasting freshness.

Guarantees reliable and pleasant protection. This roll-on deodorant offers a unique scentsation and imparts a feeling of pure freshness. Milk components result in lasting and reliable deodorisation. The deodorant doesn’t leave any sticky residue on the skin and provides clean freshness for your underarms, is fast-drying and feels refreshing.
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Le Deodorant Intensif

Lasting freshness and confidence all day long

The long-lasting effect of the alcohol-free antiperspirant Le Deodorant Intensif provides you with convincingly dry underarms thanks to the antiperspirant active ingredient combined with kaolin. It is gentle to the skin and controls surplus perspiration all day long (without suppressing natural perspiration) so that there is no longer an unpleasant feeling of wetness. Le Deodorant Intensif is particularly suitable for extreme perspiration of all skin types. After showering, simply apply directly to the dry skin of the underarms.


Rich wellness hand care cream for that extra portion of care.

The all-round pampering programme for velvety soft hands. The conditioning hand cream intensively cares for the hands with exquisite active ingredients. Selected yoghurt components maintain the skin’s natural protective function whilst rich oils stabilise the skin barrier. For silky soft hands as preventative protection against irritations and the influences of the weather. 

Le Sel de Bain

Soothing bath salts for body, mind and soul.

Seas salt rich in mineral substances from French salt marshes for a relaxing wellness bath. Relaxes tension and the unusual scent creation harmonises the body. Maintains the skin's natural protective layer without dehydration. The result: the skin looks instantly relaxed and radiant, and stress is a thing of the past.

Le Savon

The sensuously scented wellness soap for face and body.

Gentle cleansing and soothing skincare in one. Natural ingredients gently clarify and refresh face and body without attacking the skin's natural moisture. Rich shea butter softens and stabilises the skin. Soothing scent essences impart sensuous wellbeing. For soft skin without tightness.
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