Valentine’s Day

This year, the calendar has aligned perfectly. Valentine’s Day 2016 is on a Sunday. This leaves enough time at the weekend to prepare for the day of love. Whether you want to spend the day toasting your future luck with men, single with your girl friends or spend an evening with your loved one, there is quite a bit to do. Because either way, 14 February is a wonderful occasion to celebrate beauty. 

To make you look fresh and relaxed on this special day, it is worth taking time for yourself and your body the day before. And what better way to leave behind your everyday stress than a hot bath? The new sea salt Le Sel de Bain from the Spa care range provides pure relaxation. Created by the master of elegant perfumes, Geza Schön, it smells of feminine and masculine accents. Fresh notes of lime, basil and lemon grass have an invigorating effect. Vanilla and cedarwood complete this soothing scentsation. Your senses and the way your body feels are in harmony and enable you to forget your everyday cares. This means you can start your evening relaxed and full of new energy. 


You can refine your complexion during the active hours, as well as at night. There's no other time for the body to better regenerate itself than when you sleep. The skin cells begin their cleansing and detoxification processes and are also very absorbent. The oil concentrate Elixir Vitalité gives both young and mature skin a perfect glow. The conditioning oil texture lastingly coats face, neck and décolleté with valuable nutrients. Thanks to the essential fatty acids and vitamins of the product's sunflower oil concentrate, the skin can lastingly store moisture. The omega-3 fatty acid-rich blackcurrant seed oil, on the other hand, protects stressed skin from external influences. Simply apply a few drops in the evening after cleansing to the desired areas and lightly massage in. As you relax and close your eyes, the elixir can work its magic. 

In addition to soft skin, your hair should also feel soft. The best way to achieve this is with Silky Spa Shampoo, which was developed particularly for long hair. To ensure your hair looks seductive in the evening, it is particularly important for you to lastingly care for the ends. As you wash your hair, Silky Spa Shampoo surrounds every single hair like a protective mantle and balances out hair damage. The Cheveux Longs complex deeply protects the hair from breakage. Thanks to hyaluronic acid and valuable oil from the Sacha inchi nut, your hair feels wonderfully soft and smooth.

When you awake from your beauty sleep, it is time to take care of your make-up. And what better day to really glam yourself up than Valentine's Day? The focus should be on a woman's most sensuous attributes: her lips. Because nothing looks more seductive than a full pout. We will opt for a classic colour: a vibrant red looks good with almost everything, and your choice of outfit becomes secondary. To make your lips not only look full, but also feel soft, a lipstick with care function is your secret weapon. The valuable oils in Sensual Lipstick Creamy ensure the colour doesn't crack on your lips. Rich mango butter and conditioning beeswax also supply the sensitive lip skin with sufficient moisture and the red is vibrantly beautiful.

If the mouth is given beautiful emphasis, the rest of the make-up should be more subtle. A soft powder rose on the cheeks provides a delicate complement. Tender Blush is an elegant powder blusher with a smooth texture that makes it easy to apply in a particularly even layer. The glossy particles naturally emphasise the cheekbones and make them look defined and fuller.

To ensure the perfect seduction on Valentine’s Day, a mysterious scent is essential. The beautiful thing about a perfume is that it smells differently on every skin. This means you can make Le Parfum your very own. The fresh notes of peach, grapefruit and mandarin emphasise your spontaneity. Magnolia blossoms, jasmine and iris show your soft and feminine side. Bergamot and vanilla make you sensuous. When you stroke your hair out of your face during dinner, the seductive scent develops and he can’t help but fall in love with you. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!