Time for Love

Add a special touch of magic to Valentine’s Day with your beauty

The day of love is also a day of sensuousness. We look back on that first magical moment, exchange intense glances and enjoy some wonderful time as a couple.

This Valentine’s Day, be sure to not only be resplendent with love but also with your true beauty. However you may be feeling, be it sexy, romantic, classic or refreshingly natural, it’s time for you to enjoy your perfect appearance.

Treat your skin and hair to some magical moments too

Even if you are lucky enough to receive a special surprise this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that beautiful hair and wonderful skin are also some of your most stunning accessories.

For special radiance and a lively lustre within no time at all, treat your skin and hair to a gentle pampering session with instant effects.

To prepare yourself for loving looks, care for your eyes with our Eye-Pads. Gentle tuber plant extracts provide intensive moisturising for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes and leave your eyes looking beautifully radiant and more awake after just two hours.

Intensive moisture is also the ideal way to give your facial skin a relaxing break. La Capsule Hydrante with hyaluronic acid invigorates and refreshes your complexion directly after application and pampers your skin with active ingredients from the depths of the ocean.

To give long hair a magical appearance, treat it to a helping of Luxus Spa Oil, which leaves your hair with a seductive shine, smoothness and a subtle scent immediately after application. After this pampering session, give your skin a flattering finish with the warm fragrance of Eau de Parfum Femme. This wonderful scent gently enrobes your skin while also caressing your soul. With these preparations, Valentine’s Day is sure to be fascinating for both you and your partner.

Women of Valentine’s Day: the perfect make-up

In our Women of the World look book, we show you how to highlight your most stunning features or draw attention to completely new qualities on Valentine’s Day. Discover our collection and tips for your perfect make-up.

Nail polish is a real game-changer for every outfit. Our new collection not only contains our Fashion Week Favourites but also the ideal colour for every moment – from seductive Red Allure through to fancy Pink Magenta and right through to completely natural Chiffon. You’re therefore sure to find yet another ‘special something’ for an amazing day.

Whatever look you choose to go for, you deserve to feel beautiful in all respects. Be yourself and enjoy one of the most wonderful days for people in love.

A homage to a gentleman

Valentine’s Day is not only a highlight for ladies but also for the gentlemen in their lives. With its high-performance natural ingredients, the La Biosthétique HOMME range offers everything a man needs to feel completely attractive and well-groomed: from shaving right through to styling. The care trio of Hair Beard Body WashDeodorant Spray and Hair & Scalp Tonic is the perfect way to start any day, especially Valentine’s Day. These three products provide an energy boost and intensive care for the skin and hair. What’s more, their extraordinary masculine scent has an invigorating effect all day long.

Give this exclusive care and styling experience a try – you’re sure to be surprised!

Our homage to a gentleman is perfectly rounded off by Eau de Toilette Homme. This masculine men's scent underlines a gentleman’s individual personality with a tangy note, fresh accents and warm, earthy tones:

Photo Credit: @carolinlauffenburger

Love your Valentine

Here are our most wonderful gift ideas for ladies and gentlemen for a special day of love, beauty and sensuousness: