Holistic aromatherapy

Perfect hair care is about much more than just regular washing: stimulate your scalp with the essential oils of Visarôme Dynamique for beautiful hair and a relaxed sensation.  

The ready-for-use aromatherapy essences of Visarôme Dynamique have a dual effect – directly on the hair and scalp, indirectly via the nose and olfactory system, positively stimulating our mind – in just a short time. This is what makes them so valuable. The right Visarôme Dynamique directly relaxes or invigorates the scalp, and indirectly calms or activates the mood. This natural aromatherapy is balm for the skin and the soul. The high-quality plant extracts of Visarôme Dynamique not only smell lovely, but also penetrate the skin’s layers for a helpful and healing effect.  
The result: relaxed scalp and beautiful hair in perfect harmony.

Stimulating aromatherapy

For dry scalps we recommend Visarôme Dynamique B with rosemary, lavender blossom, geranium blossom and parsley seed. In this case, the aromatherapy lifts your spirit. Applied to the scalp, the essential oil stimulates the sebaceous glands and the circulation.

For tired scalps your best option is Visarôme Dynamique EN with bergamot, litsea, sandalwood and vanilla. Whilst the oil blend deeply penetrates the skin’s layers, where it has a refreshing and circulation-boosting effect, the aromas it contains lift the mood.

Calming aromatherapy

Applied with a pipette to the scalp, Visarôme Dynamique N has a refreshing, antiseptic effect and soothes oily and moist scalps. Juniper berries, cypress and sage give the body strength. The herbal essences cleanse and regulate the sebum and/or sweat production.

For sensitive scalps the blend of the aromas of bergamot, thyme, bitter orange blossom and oregano develop their strength in Visarôme Dynamique E. Irritations and itchiness on the skin disappear and tension and blockages in the body are released. The mood is lifted. Use Visarôme Dynamique E as a natural antidote against headaches. When you begin to feel pain in the affected zones, this nips it in the bud, and often prevents it from getting worse. 

It’s all in the (aromatherapy) blend, baby!

You can use La Biosthetique aromatherapy at any time to complement all hair and scalp care products. Right after washing your hair or simply if you need to use it. The hairstyle isn’t affected in any way. The solution always lies in the mixture of products, as well as a long-term treatment. The right products for scalp and the overall organism, as well as the right styling, very soon result in healthy hair, a good mood and thus wonderful radiance.  

Aromatherapy in the La Biosthétique salon

A beauty treatment in the La Biosthétique salon begins with a little aromatherapy massage, which can be energising or calming depending on your mood – pure enjoyment for all the senses. This stimulates your inner beauty, so you can quickly forget everyday stress, and brightens your mood. Depending on the scalp type, the La Biosthetique hair expert chooses from one of five aromatherapies. By the way: thinning hair can have a wide range of causes. Treat yourself to a complimentary scalp check in the La Biosthétique salon. The La Biosthétique expert knows what to do with this. After the treatment with special products such as Bio Fanelan Regenerant Premium, Visarôme Dynamique R supports hair growth. The harmonising blend of rosemary, lavender blossom, sage and thyme stimulates the metabolism, and thus completely naturally boosts hair growth. The hot tip to consistently prevent hair loss.

We will be happy to advise you in your La Biosthetique salon which aromatherapy is the right one for you. 

The holistic aromatherapy Visarôme Dynamique at a glance: