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Eye Performer
Waterproof eyeliner with unique performance for unforgettable eyes
Pencil for Eyes
Soft eye pencil for natural looking eyes – every day
Automatic Pencil for Brows
Waterproof eyebrow pencil for high-precision brows
Tender Blush
Natural, smoothening powder blusher with a lifting effect
Terracotta powder for a divinely tanned complexion
Earth Glow Gel
Feathery light, tinted moisturising gel with protection against environmental influences.
Liquid Lipstick
Soft Lip Cream
Magic Shadow
Magical powder eyeshadow with long-lasting, velvety texture
Automatic Pencil for Eyes
The waterproof eyeliner features an unbeatable texture for intense colour and long-lasting eye make-up.
Eyeshadow Pen
Practical eyeshadow pen: Rapidly and easily creates a perfect, smudge and waterproof eye make-up look
Perfect Volume
Ultimate volumising mascara for unmistakably beautiful lashes
Teint Naturel
Fresh, youthful make-up for a flawless complexion and reduced appearance of aging.
Tinted Eyebrow Gel
Tinted eyebrow gel