La Biosthetique

Collection Making-of 2015/16

"The courage of good men will conquer all"

  Auguste Rodin

Beauty is eternal: Photographer Horst Diekgerdes shoots the collection between the sculptures in the former studio of artist Auguste Rodin. Today, the master's studio houses the Musée Rodin and the artist's tomb - and of course a large number of his works. A really special place.

"The combination of art, fashion and beauty"

Alexander Dinter

Creative Director

He himself rejected inspiration. It is " an old romantic idea that doesn't make any sense ", said sculptor Auguste Rodin with a laugh. He personally sought out his art by observing it. Nature is everything: " I invent nothing, I rediscover ". And yet he created masterpieces that inspired people all over the world. Including our team at La Biosthétique. Because the symbiosis of life, bios, with aesthetics, is always our goal.

Alexander Dinter brings together different worlds: He particularly found the inspiration for the new La Biosthétique collection in the symbiosis of different forms of beauty. " This autumn - winter collection shows the Total Beauty concept in a monumental environment ", explains the brand's Creative Director, who decided to present his developments in front of the sculptures of Auguste Rodin. " The combination of art from an earlier century and the current beauty and fashion is featured in this collection. The look establishes a connection between the two worlds and epochs - a connection that is both exciting and inspiring ". 

With the make - up, too, very different influences are combined to form a whole. " The looks play with the colours and shapes of different fashion epochs ", explains Product Manager Constance Constantinescu, " The eye make - up is very striking, but also soft and applied to the whole lid. Just like you will see on all of this year's catwalks ". The combination of classic beauty and state - of - the - art trends and techniques - that's the world of Total Beauty.

"Expressive beauty, new and with a fresh interpretation."

Constance Constantinescu Product Managerin