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Beautifully groomed nails are not just a question of nail polish, but also the right care.

4 steps for beautifully groomed nails:


Carefully remove polish with Nail Enamel Remover, wash hands so there is no residue of the nail polish remover on the nails.The right file and the right filing technique are the basis of stable nails. A fine-grained file gently shapes the nails without polish. Whoever is prone to splitting nails should seal them afterwards with a nail buffer. A harmonious and natural nail shape can be created if you are guided by the shape of the natural nail bed.


Before applying the coloured polish, apply Brilliant Nail Base&Top Coat. This ensures an even and long-lasting application of the coloured polish and protects the nails from discoloration. During the application, pay particular attention to the tip of the nail. Let the base coat dry before you apply another coat.


Now apply the desired coloured polish, for instance the summery fresh Brilliant Nail Smoothie Pink. To ensure that the intense colour looks its best, apply two thin coats of polish and leave enough drying time between coats.


As soon as the nail polish has properly dried, seal the coloured polish with a coat of Brilliant Nail Base & Top Coat. This gives you a brilliantly shiny finish and seals the colour. Here, too, seal the nail tip well to prevent the nail polish from chipping.

Tip: Minor nail polish mistakes can be effectively corrected with Nail Enamel Corrector. For stable nails and smooth cuticles, apply Fanex SPA once a day to the nails and massage into the cuticles. When polishing make sure that you leave a small gap at the edge of the nail so that the oil can penetrate it.

1. Nail Enamel Remover

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The acetone-free nail polish remover gently and reliably erases all traces of nail polish – with an extra portion of care.


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