Look 3

Night Eyes

Precisely the right dose of glamour. The modern make-up technique subtly widens the eyeshadow — and is exciting without being over the top. Mysterious and exciting, and in combination with the softly emphasised lips still very fresh.


A delicately tanned complexion emphasises this summer look. Summer Touch, the perfect summer make-up compact with SPF 30, magically gives your face a soft summer tan and also protects it against aggressive sun rays. On the cheekbones and at the hairline the Sunsation Powder can be used to create additional tanned effects.


The eyebrows are subtly tinted, but are filled in with the matching Automatic Pencil for Brows and fixed with Care&Fix Lash Conditioner. With this day and night look in cool brown and shimmering lilac, it’s incredibly easy to create very individual and sophisticated eye make – up looks. Magic Shadow Mono 39 Cool Brown — apply beneath the cheekbone and blend outwards. Whoever values fashionable expression avoids classic shaping, but instead applies the colour depth to the inside of the eye and blends the brown up and out up to the start of the eyebrows. This visual narrowing of the eyes makes the look very young and fashionable. This eye make–up needs a precise contrast between light and dark, which is why eye bags and shadows should definitely be erased with Cover & Light, and why when applying the eyeshadow you need to make sure that the inside corner of the eye and the area under the eyes remain very light, clear and radiant. The light lid plays with the refracting light and forms a beautiful contrast to the expressive lashes. Apply lashings of Mascara Perfect Volume Black to the top lashes only. The bottom lashes remain light and natural. For large lids you can also apply eyeliner with the new Smart Liner Brownie Lilac. Either emphasise the top edge of the lid only or apply as a double wing eyeliner.


The emphasis of the cheeks defines the intensity of the eye and lip make – up look. You can use Blush Lips & Cheeks Daily Rose to rapidly add a hint of freshness.


The lips are given a summery shade with Sensual Lipstick C 142 Strawberry. This wonderfully smooth strawberry shade skilfully stages the lips for both day and evening looks. To create a highlight, you can apply a dab of Hydro Gloss Watermelon to the middle of the lips. This makes the lips look fuller and gives them a sensuous shine. But Hydro Gloss Light Mauve also perfectly matches this look.


To match the lipstick the nails are dipped into a matching summer colour with Brilliant Nail Smoothie Pink.

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Ideal for rapidly creating a wide-awake look and refreshing the complexion: Ultra-fine silky blusher for lips and cheeks. Melts into the skin when you apply it.


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