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Nutric Nail Hardener

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Nutric Nail Hardener transforms soft, brittle nails into conditioned dream nails.

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This nail hardener gives your nails a real power boost. Its secret weapon is a new kind of nutrient formulation which contains two active complexes that supply the nails and the nail better with essential powerful nourishment: The nail hardener complex consists of a combination of extracts of various varieties of highly effective algae. These stimulate cell growth, nourish the nails with minerals and trace elements and strengthen and smoothen the nail surface. The nail protection complex consists of strengthening methionine and biotin, moisture-binding panthenol and regenerative silane. These strengthen the keratin fibres so that the nails remain superbly flexible without chipping. Moisture is bound in the nail which is thus protected against dehydration. Thanks to the extremely nourishing nail hardener Nutric Nail Hardener, the nails look and feel longer and stronger after just four weeks. The enchantingly soft rosé shade gives happy nails a well groomed finish .

Nutric Nail Hardener transforms soft, brittle nails into conditioned dream nails.

  • Nail hardener complex consisting of:
  • Algae extract: supplies the nails with all essential nutrients for smoothening, strengthening and restoration of the nails and improvement of the nail hardness
  • Nail protection complex consisting of:
  • Methionine, biotin: strengthen the keratin fibres, keep them soft and prevent splitting of the nails.
  • Panthenol: protects against dehydration and improves the flexibility of the nails
  • Silane: moisturises, regenerates and prevents nail aging

Day 1: Thoroughly clean nail plate and apply Nutric Nail Hardener to the nail plate (avoid contact with the skin) Day 2 and 3: Again apply a new coat of Nutric Nail Hardener to the nail plate. Day 4: Use a nail polish remover to remove all coats of Nutric Nail Hardener and then reapply. Continuously repeat all steps over the course of four weeks until the nails have achieved their desired hardness. To maintain the hardening effect, Nutric Nail Hardener can be used as a base coat after the treatment.

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