Playful Glamour

A celebration of individuality: this short-haired look with different asymmetric lengths offers endless styling variations, from wild and playful to sophisticated power, from a casual beach look for daytime to the perfect styling for a night on the dance floor – for every situation a whole new world of possibilities.

The trend represents independence in the best sense of the word: highly creative yet suitable for business and elegant – always sexy, strong and playful. The inspiration for this look is an eclectic mix of different styles. It is also sporty, glamorous and contains a healthy portion of fashion punk: a summery look full of passion, to make every day special, for every woman.

1. Shampooing Beauté

SKU# 120207

Quick Overview

Shampooing Beauté gently cleanses the hair and scalp, moisturises, conditions and gives the hair an airy harmonious start to the day.


Delivery Time 1-3 Werktage

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