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Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Set Intense Action 2 Phases

Luxurious hair care set with molecular hair protection complex to rejuvenate and seal the hair. With multiple effect. Fortifies, strengthens, protects and seals the hair’s external layers.
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1 set

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The innovative concept of Protection Cheveux Complexe 3 Set Intense Action 2 Phases contains exquisite key ingredients to enable intensive and more lasting care results despite bleaching, colour, perms and physical stress whilst restructuring the hair. An easy way to beautiful, healthy hair for luxurious wellbeing. Natural Inspiration for naturally beautiful hair. Natural Inspiation for naturally beautiful hair. Complexe 3 Spray with molecular hair protection complex fortifies the hair. The natural amino acid cysteine, mineral salts and keratin are incredibly effective at protecting and strengthening the hair. Measurably increases stability and resilience while perfectly protecting the hair against stress. Hair lastingly gains resistance, stability, elasticity and shine. The Magic of nature for magically beautiful hair. Moringa An exotic tree with powerful beauty properties. Its seeds contain microproteins and mineral substances that make sensitive hair measurably more resistant to external stress factors. Aggressive stress rolls off the hair, like toxins off a lotus leaf. This “lotus effect” is the key to the high efficacy of Mask Intense. Silk The shimmering natural fibres from the cocoon of the silk moth supply the hair with the valuable protein sericin (silk gum). Its amino acids powerfully and lastingly strengthen the hair’s keratin. Wheat Supplies tiny, highly effective repair molecules. Like micro magnets, they target weak spots in the hair and adhere to them whilst balancing out damage and resulting in new stability. Cactus The survival artist from the earth’s deserts supplies the hair with lots of moisture, protects it from brittleness and maintains its formable elasticity. The result is incredible: the wet combability of the hair increases by 240% with Mask Intense. The hair shines with strength and health, softness and breathtaking shine. Luxury couldn’t be any more beautiful and valuable.