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This look plays with many facettes: lightness, colour, delicateness, shine and powderiness. The delicate eye make-up of this look goes well with a complexion that appears translucent yet very even.


This look plays with many facets: lightness, colour, delicateness and powderiness. The delicate eye make-up of this look goes well with a complexion that appears translucent yet very even. Glow Base with SPF 10 also forms the delicately shimmering make-up base here. To conceal minor colour differences and conjure up a fresh, radiant complexion, thoroughly distribute Teint Frais 101 Light Beige on the face and blend well. By applying Extreme Stay Powder which suits perfectly to the skin tone, the complexion is given an even, matte finish and delicate coverage.

Eyes/ Eyebrows

Fill in the eyebrows for this look again with Automatic Pencil for Brows, and shape and fix with Care & Fix Lash Conditioner. The hint of eye make-up requires an equally delicate base on the eyelid, for example with Cover & Light before the translucent golden shade of Magic Shadow Duo Smoky Ginger & Light Gold is applied to the top lid. On the outer corner of the eye and in the orbital curve the second shade Smoky Ginger creates a soft emphasis. Beautifully soft transitions create the desired translucent effect. Finish by moistening the brush and drawing a powdery line along the upper and lower lash lines with Smoky Ginger. The softer, the more fashionable. This goes for the lashes too. Consequently, only apply Perfect Volume Brown mascara to the top lashes.

Cheeks/ Shaping

To give the face a beautiful contour, apply the dark shade of the Contouring Powder under the cheekbones. Feather the Apricot-Rosé Blush of the Contouring Powder upwards so that the cheeks also get just a hint of freshness. In addition, apply the light shade of the set above the cheekbone to create abeautiful highlight.


The lips form an exciting contrast to the bronze and gold shimmer of the eyes. Tip: To ensure the lipstick lasts well on the lips and bring out its intense colour, first apply MagneFix! base to the lips. Then use a lipbrush to fill in the whole lips with Sensual Lipstick C 140 Cyclam or Sensual Lipstick C 141 Passion Red. You can use Automatic Pencil for Lips LL 29 Raspberry or LL 22 Bordeaux to create additional 3D colour effects if you want to give the lips an expressive 1940s look. Whoever likes completely natural lip shapes should roll the colour on with their fingers and can vary the intensity of the colour as much as they like and also design the shape of the lips.

1. Contouring Powder 02

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The contouring powder tightens the facial contours and rejuvenates the features.


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