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Discover the favorite products from the latest issue of La Biosthétique magazine "Salon Beauté" from December 2019


With seawater and extracts of sea grass and algae, the body care range Spa Actif restores the natural balance to skin and hair, and transforms your showering ritual into a refreshing spa moment.  The natural active ingredients from the sea make Spa Actif Shower Gel so gentle that it can even be used to cleanse face and hair. Spa Actif Sea Salt Scrub contains sea salt grains to make the body skin soft and silky smooth. The revitalising scent with tangy fruit notes, floral nuances and an invigoratingly earthy accord completes the enjoyable freshness experience.


On and around the festival of love there are so many opportunities to bring joy to our loved ones that it’s easy to run out of ideas. Luckily, every year La Biosthétique brings out carefully selected and wonderfully wrapped product sets that are also available at a special price. With sets such as Love Your Silky Hair, you can lovingly pamper your hair. Whether for others or yourself: Giving the gift of beauty is always a good idea!


With the Spa Candle in the travel-friendly mini format (as long as supplies last), you can give the gift of scented breaks from your everyday life! Consequently, wherever you are, you can magically create a cosy atmosphere with softly flickering candlelight, whilst the unique La Biosthétique Spa-Duft fills the air with  sensuous essences. Simply light, lean back and enjoy deep relaxation!


It is the season of big and bigger parties! What goes better with that sparkling necklace or spectacular low-cut back than an up-do that magically defies gravity? The magic formula for reliable hold that lasts until the morning hours is Fanelac S. The fine spray mist of the CFC-free strong-hold hairspray is extremely fast-drying and fixes your hairstyle in a flash. On the morning after, it is easily brushed out and leaves you with nothing but conditioned, soft hair.


Close your eyes and simply dive in! This feels as good after a winter walk as it does after a night of  dancing. Season your bathwater with the scented sea salt of Spa Le Sel de Bain (as long as supplies last), and turn this into a pampering experience for skin and soul. Sea salt rich in mineral substances from the Camargue and Brittany cleanses your skin down to the pores and makes it wonderfully soft, whilst the scent of aromatic notes and a sensuous accord of vanilla and cedar takes your senses on holiday.


After a long night, you don’t want to spend too much time taking off your make-up. But going to bed with waterproof party make-up isn't really a very good idea! Bi-Phase-Remover is luckily not only fast and thorough, but also particularly gentle on the sensitive eye area. Its two-phase formulation removes even the most intense waterproof smoky eyes look in a flash, relaxes the skin with plenty of moisture and ensures that your eyes shine in the morning whilst protecting your pillow from eye make-up stains.


With its particularly rich texture, Cold Cream is an ideal winter care for facial skin because it protects the skin from cold, wind and extremely dry air. In Cold Cream almond and canola oil are combined with beeswax to provide relief to extremely sensitive, dry skin, soothe irritations and strengthen the barrier function.

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A revitalising, moisturising and mild wellness shower gel for the body and hair.


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