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When the hair is static in winter, this is ecause the electricity produced in the bobdy, y e.g. taking clothing on and off, cannot dircharge as it ursually does because of the dry winter air. The body and hair gradually uild up a negative charge. With lots of calming moisture and its aqua sytle complex, Anti Frizz Styling Balm tames the hair for a whole 48 hours without weighing it down. 

A sweet pair

Do you regularly crave sweets in winter? If so, you will love this duo for lips and nails: Nougat is the name of the warm caramel shade of Cream Gloss, which conditions the lips with shea butter. This is paired with the rich, high-gloss brown of the nail polish Brilliant Nail in the shade Chocolate. An absolutely irresistible combination that's guaranteed to be calorie-free!

Get your beauty sleep

At night, the skin regenerates from the stress and tension of the day. Crème de Luxe Nuit, which is precisely geared towards this biorhythm, supports the night-time repair work with a lipid synthesis complex that is active in five different ways. A plant active ingredient of phytohormones reduces and corrects the loss of elasticity that occurs during the day and as we age. Consequently, the morning after a long winter night, the skin is deeply hydrated, elastic, firm and soft, and the complexion is given visibly refined radiance.

Winter help for the lips

The soft skin of the lips is particularly sensitive in winter. It doesn't have any sebaceous glands or a protective oil-water layer, and is thus unable to supply itself with oil and moisture. It is left at the mercy of external influences without any protection. With the rich formulation of beeswax, jojoba oil and sesame oil, Daily Care Lipstick conditions and protects the lips from cold and wind, binds a lot of moisture and provides natural shine.

Need for action

When the temperatures drop, the skin of the hands relies on help from outside because the few sebaceous glands on the ack of the hands slowly cease to work when temperatures drop to less than 8 degrees. To add insult to injury, the dry heating air inside also draws moisture out of the skin. With its long-term moisturising effect, Creme Protectrice intensively conditions even extremely dry and chapped skin and helps it survive the winter. 

White Christmas

This year's limited edition La Biosthétique gift sets are dazzling white and incredibly chic. The elegant boxes with an embossed quilted pattern look great under the Christmas tree, as a gift for a New Year's Eve party or a gift for you. Because no matter which of the eight different sets you choose, you can look forward to a pretty snow white make-up bag and a highly attractive price!

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Anti Frizz Balm reliably tames stubborn hair and gives it a shiny style with a 48-hour guarantee!


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