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Discover the favorite products from the latest issue of La Biosthétique magazine "Salon Beauté" from June 2019

Fun in the sun

For extensive sun protection, use the Soleil creams and emulsions with waterproof textures, which are instantly absorbed and maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Pure relaxation

As a fast-action Conditioner or intensive mask, Soleil Crème contains regenerative, protective and moisturising active ingredients to ensure that your hair is just as relaxed after your holiday as you are.

Summery freshness

Summer is fresh and green. With pure natural active ingredients, the perfume-free Botanique Pure Nature Balancing Cream provides a fresh, even complexion which is given a silky matte finish with the delicate Translucent Compact Powder. Silky Eyes Fern gives you beautiful eyes with its excitingly shimmering green shade.



Keitum Look

From blue to rosé to violet, the setting sun colours the evening sky above the mudflats. A magical spectacle of nature that is effectively reflected in the romantic summer look with Magic Shadow 44 Flamingo and Eyeshadow Pen Smoky Violet.

Algae and sea

The effect of the care gel Perles Hydro-Vitalité on the skin is as revitalising as the North Sea air. Algae extracts with sea salt transport plenty of moisture into the skin and plump it from within, whilst encapsulated plant extracts protect the skin from pollution particles.

Tart note

The rough beauty of the coastal landscape does not go well with flourishes and frills. Clear lines and a peaceful minimalism define the Frisian style, which finds its olfactory match in the tart freshness and warm, earthy notes of the woods and moss of La Biosthétique Homme Eau de Toilette.

Traveling companions

Enjoyable wellness or shower moments with the travel sizes of the sensuously scented Spa care range for skin and hair.



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1. Emulsion Solaire SPF 25

SKU# 002810

Quick Overview

The waterproof sun protection lotion with highly effective SPF system protects the body skin and prevents premature skin aging.


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