Summer. Sun. Sun protection. When the temperatures rise, we long to feel the sun shining upon our face and body. Because the warm rays finally drive away the last traces of wintry cold and omnipresent stress on a cellular level: sun on the skin is happiness. And a tan.

To ensure it stays like this and doesn’t turn into painful redness, a high sun protection factor is a must, but that’s definitely not everything. The improved sun care from La Biosthétique SOLEIL now combines new and innovative sun care technology with protective care, a summery scent and particularly light textures for skin and hair that feel even better.   

For skin.

La Biosthétique’s new care range SOLEIL offers the ideal solution to enjoy the sun without regrets. The nine skin products all offer the usual advantages of scientifically based, cleverly formulated high-tech cosmetics: They fulfil the highest standards of modern anti-aging research and their protective and conditioning effect far surpasses that of simple UV products. With uncompromising performance when it comes to dermatological protection, the wonderful ease of use, the new, summery scent created by the internationally successful scent designer, Geza Schön, and the sensuous texture, SOLEIL is the ideal choice for everyone who values their appearance and health. All SOLEIL products are formulated to be suitable for all skin types, all ages and all genders. Even the most sensitive skin!

By the way:

Soleil not only provides care and protection for skin and hair in the sun – the exclusive care range magically gives skin and hair the scent of summer, lightness and joie de vivre. The sensuously fresh summer scent composition was specially created for La Biosthétique by internationally successful scent designer, Geza Schön. The fresh and fruity scent cocktail features a top note of lime, orange, mandarin, bergamot and galbanum. The heart note is a marriage of radiantly blue sky with the floral joy of rose, orange blossom, tuberose, water lily, jasmine and orchid. The flowery bouquet of freesia provides the relaxed depth of a summer evening with creamy vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin, patchouli, sandalwood and cedar wood.

Our tip:

"Whoever doesn't want to do without their favourite perfume on the beach needn't worry: the Soleil scent is so subtle that it can be combined with any perfume", raves Evelyn Mohr, PR Manager of La Biosthétique.

Discover products for the sun here:

1. Activateur de Bronzage

SKU# 002022

Quick Overview

3 in 1: The moisturising tanning activator prepares the skin for the sun, accelerates the tanning process and stimulates the skin’s own protection mechanisms.


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