Spring Power!

The time has come - the wet and cold winter months are gone and the skin can begin to recharge! In wet and cold weather, rich creams provide the most effective protection and the best care, but now you need lighter care again. And the skin needs a spring clean!

Very gently because winter has subjected the skin to enough stress already! Product experts and dermatologists have developed an extra mild cleansing duo for La Biosthétique, which deep-cleanses and clarifies the pores without irritations! A deep clean for springtime!

The "Doux" DUO by La Biosthétique not only provides particularly gentle cleansing, but calms the skin while providing you with clean and clear pores. The cleansing milk Clair de Teint Doux features an extremely light and gentle consistency to protect the winter-stressed protective acid mantle. Distribute Clair de Teint Doux in the morning and evening on to your face and neck and remove with water or a cosmetic wipe. Blemishes and dead skin scales disappear. Then soak a cotton pad in Lotion Visalix Doux and apply to your face. It moisturises and cools the skin, keeps the skin surface soft and makes your complexion silky and clear. And if your complexion is unpleasantly tight, Visalix Doux moisturiser is the perfect remedy to rapidly restore calm to your skin. Together they are an unbeatable pair!

1. Visalix Doux

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Quick Overview

The Visalix Doux toner intensively moisturises and softens sensitive skin.


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