Strong & Radiant

Expressive with a focus on the eyes and beautiful cheek modelling -with the base of a radiant, even complexion: mysterious and sexy.The lips are given subtle emphasis for this look: put some colour on yourfinger and dab it on to the natural shape of your mouth.


The base for this expressive look is an even, radiant complexion. Glow Base with SPF 10 acts as the perfect base for the subsequent application of Teint Naturel 12 Skin, a neutral shade of beige that magically gives you a delicate complexion thanks to its light to medium coverage. Glow Base - a shimmering make - up base- evens out minor irregularities and instantly givesthe complexion a fresh appearance. Wherever you would like to capture the light, for example on the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin, you can additionally apply Glow Base over your foundation. Subsequently, dust the complexion, depending on the skintone, with the new Extreme Stay Powder - for mattification that lasts all day long, but still looks natural.

Eyes/ Eyebrows

Fill in small gaps in the eyebrows with Automatic Pencil for Brows in the matching colour and then shape and fix with Care & Fix Lash Conditioner. Full, perfectly shaped eyebrows make every face look more fashionable and energised no matter what your age. Use Cover & Light Beige or Porcelaine to lighten the eyelids and any under eye shadows and conceal minor colour unevenness and redness. To ensure the eyeshadow lasts as long as possible, you can alternatively apply Magne Fix! base to the top lid. Emphasise the upper and lower lash lines with Marsala from the Magic Shadow Duo Marsala & Light Rosé. Lighten the top lid all over with Light Rosé from the Magic Shadow Duo Marsala & Light Rosé. To create the mys -terious depth of Smoky Eyes, apply a colour deposit with Marsala on the top outer corners of the eye, which is then feathered inwards on to the top lid. Blend all transitions well to ensure there are no harsh edges. In the inside corner of the eye once again apply Light Rosé as a highlight to make the eyes shine. Finally,apply Perfect Volume Black mascara to the lashes.

Cheeks/ Shaping

For beautiful facial contours apply Sunsation under the cheekbones and directly apply a hint of blush to the cheekbones and temples to suit the skin tone.


The focus remains on the eyes, which is why the lips are only given a delicate hint of colour with Sensual Lipstick G 325 Amarena Red. For this very natural emphasis of the lips use your finger to apply a little colour and dab it on to the lips to match their natural shape.


Curl Control Mousse: shape, definition and flexible hold for curly hair.

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