Structurally damaged hair

Care for the damaged hair structure: How to maintain bounce

Hair has to withstand quite a bit: it is styled with poor combs, overly hot blow-dryers and excessive back-combing. Sometimes it is also bleached, curled or straightened too often or exposed to UV light. So it’s no wonder that your hair is tired after all these attacks. Bye-bye resilience, shine and volume! But don’t worry. There are solutions other than scissors. The right care enables the hair to rebuild its protective shield. 
  • Healthy hair only grows on a healthy scalp

    Scalp care should always be priority number one. Because the hair is formed in the scalp. If the cells are ideally nourished and active, there is healthy division and growth of 1 to 1.5 cm a month. If the sebaceous glands are healthy, there is sufficient production to protect the skin’s protective acid mantle. But not too much so that the roots don’t look too oily. The experts from La Biosthétique see at a glance whether your scalp is healthy. If the hair has structural damage despite a healthy scalp, it is possible that the hair shaft has been damaged by physical (brushing, styling) or chemical influences (UV radiation, wrong care products). 

  • Four stages of structurally damaged hair

    1. The hair shaft consists of the marrow, fibrous layer (cortex) and cuticle. The cuticle protects the fibrous layer. As the hair gets longer (and thus older), the previously sealed cuticle becomes increasingly split. The hair shaft is slightly damaged.

    2. When the protective horny scales really bend away from the hair, the hair shaft is even more damaged. The shine is lost and the protection for the internal hair layer is reduced. Consequently, elasticity and bounce are decreased.

    3. With extremely damaged hair it can even happen that the cuticle completely disappears and the internal bonds are no longer possible. The hair can only be styled with great difficulty and is brittle.

    4 The most extreme stage is extremely structurally damaged hair with split ends, so split hair. This category mostly affects the hair ends. 

  • Care recommendation depending on structural damage

    Previously it was the case that: broken hair has to be cut off. But those days are gone. Thanks to new care products, every form of structurally damaged hair can be repaired or regenerated. Depending on the damage, an express treatment or a deep-conditioning treatment can help:

    Beautiful, but instantly? This task is mastered by Conditionneur Express for all slightly damaged hair: After washing, knead into towel-dried hair to increase the hair’s shine and softness in seconds.

    Whoever would like to treat their structurally damaged hair to luxury can try Action 2 Phases. In the first step, Spray Regenerante internally repairs and regenerates the damaged hair with natural active ingredients and minerals. Simply spray into freshly washed and slightly dried hair, lightly comb in and don’t rinse. Right afterwards the second phase begins with Masque Intense: Evenly distribute into the hair with the fingers, leave in for 15 minutes and then rinse. Extracts of algae, cactus and moringa provide resistance, moisture and an ideal protective function for the hair’s cuticle. The shine is restored and the hair’s elasticity is significantly increased.

  • Treatment at your La Biosthétique salon

    If the hair is much more damaged, so rather porous and brittle, Ricibios, a castor oil bath, is helpful. Ideally, after washing work into the hair with a cotton pad (not on the scalp!) and leave in for about 15 minutes. But only the La Biosthétique expert performs this treatment in the salon.

    For hair that is already split, the 3-phase treatment Tricobios is an ideal choice. We also offer this treatment exclusively in our La Biosthétique salons. First, perform an oil bath with Tricobios 1 (see Ricibios), which supplies the hair shaft with the fatty acid derivatives it lacks. The following shampoo Tricobios 2 with conditioning lavender oil removes surplus particles. Then the supplied conditioning substances are locked into the hair with the Tricobios 3 cream. After the activation time, simply lather up and rinse out. The new protective coating prevents a repeat of the damage as long as the hair is not incorrectly treated again. 

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