Make-up Look 3

Tender Kiss

Strong eyes, sensuous lips  with the new True Color Lipstick not only excitingly beautiful, but also particularly kissable…


A softly matte complexion is the perfect canvas for this look. Beauty Base makes the skin even and softly mattifies the complexion without concealing the skin’s natural radiance. Apply Teint Frais 101 Light Beige over the top, the tinted day cream melts into the skin and magically gives you a fresh and natural appearance without too much coverage. To ensure your base looks perfect all day long and give it that trendy soft and matte look, make sure you also balance out your complexion with Extreme Stay Powder.

Eyes/ Eyebrows

Carefully define the eyebrows and correct and fill them in with Automatic Pencil for Brows. The fullness of the eyebrows depends on the customer’s look and the intensity of the eye make-up. Eyeshadow Pen Brown Cinnamon perfectly adheres to the skin and is incredibly easy to apply. The look is highly fashionable and young if the bottom lid is kept light and without make-up. Consequently, you should additionally emphasise the edge of the top lid with Pencil for Eyes Caramel Silk. Depending on how dramatic you want the look to be, the line can become wider towards the outside. Brown lashes emphasise the softness of this look, which is why you should only apply Perfect Volume Brown to the top lashes.

Cheeks/ Shaping

Beautiful with this look: the soft brown red of Tender Blush Mystic Red or Contouring Powder 02. Eyes and lips are the focus of this look and thus define how intensively you should emphasise the cheeks. The more expressive the make-up of the eyes and lips, the more softly you should emphasise the cheeks. 


The matte True Color Lipstick Velvet Rose features a slightly contrasting rose shade to give the look young radiance. As a variation with a glossy finish, you can apply Cream Gloss Rosy Chocolate to the lips.

1. Contouring Powder 02

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Quick Overview

The contouring powder tightens the facial contours and rejuvenates the features.


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