Article No. 002968

Traitement Contour

Cell-active intensive eye care with instant smoothening effect for the demanding, normal to dry or sensitive eye contours
Filling Quantity
20 ml

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Visible fine lines and dark undereye shadows rapidly make us look exhausted. This is due in part to damaging external environmental factors such as stress in your everyday life and lack of sleep. The cell-active lifting eye care Traitement Contour contains red sea grass to actively combat the signs of time. Extract of red sea grass combats dark undereye shadows. The microcirculation is restored and pollutants can be more rapidly and effectively flushed out. Hibiscus as an effective wrinkle killer and radical trap relaxes the mimic muscles and ensures that wrinkles don’t develop in the first place. A miracle of visibly smoother, tighter and more awake skin is the result – after just a few days. The formulation Dermosthétique® Anti-Age contains two types of cell extracts to actively influence the origin and causes of skin aging: Phyto cell extracts support the formation of new parent cells, delay the aging process and combat the formation of new and the worsening of existing wrinkles. Glyco cell extracts activate collagen synthesis, strengthen connective tissue, calm the skin and protect against glycation.