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Traitement Régénérant

Regenerative anti-aging night cream to prevent chronological skin aging and fight wrinkles deep down
Filling Quantity
50 ml

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At night, the skin cells’ cleansing, detoxification and repair processes are fully underway. But unfortunately these slow down over the course of time. The consequence: the first signs of premature skin aging. The cell-active anti-aging night cream Traitement Régénérant acts like an overnight rejuvenation treatment. It is an extremely effective way of preventing advancing skin aging and its unique formulation directly tackles its root causes. Traitement Régénérant acts like a protective shield by supplying the skin with rich care and repairing UV damage. The anti-aging night cream ensures that the skin’s own repair mechanisms are reactivated. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid intensifies the skin’s moisture binding and results in a fresh, youthful appearance. The formulation Dérmosthetique® Anti-Age contains two types of cell extracts to actively influence the origin and causes of skin aging: Phyto cell extracts support the formation of new parent cells, delay the aging process and combat the formation of new and the worsening of existing wrinkles. Glyco cell extracts activate collagen synthesis, strengthen connective tissue, calm the skin and protect against glycation.