This is a textbook raver look. The emphasised contours give the short haircut both strength and softness simultaneously and are reminiscent of the amplitude of an electrifying beat. The soft fringe frames the face and flirts with the passionate red that creates an iconic colour contrast at the contour.

The sleek styling option of this short hair look is bursting with power and dynamics. The gel hairstyle with a deep side parting is an absolute statement that is both daring and glamorous.


Full of coolness and confidence, the heavy rounded – off fringe seamlessly flows into the sides of this shoulder – length look. The style is strongly blow – dried inwards to additionally emphasise the round shape and give a teasing nod to the blow – dried styles of the 1970s.

In a perfect blend of colour and technique, sandy beige comes together with rich brown, creating effects that vary between soft and delicate and loud and striking. The textured hairstyling option reveals a completely different, naturally carefree side to the look. With their air – dried appearance, the waves give movement to the different shades and let them dance.


Cut and colour in disconnected geometry. The asymmetrical fringe is cut completely bluntly to form the focus of the look. The smooth styling with a side parting reinforces the uncompromising shape, just like the colour blocking of the dark shade with an eccentric radiant blonde, unconventionally strengthened by the dark colour of the roots.

When given a centre parting and gentle waves, the statement look has a surprisingly natural appearance without losing any of its strength.


This sexy, self – confident and sensitive look is characterised by its longer sides, which taper into a narrow section that lies flat against the nape. The longer hair on top of the head creates shape and volume, thus enabling movement, texture and infinite styling possibilities, from androgynous to rebellious. The blow – dried version with a centre parting, for example, is reminiscent of David Bowie back in the 1970s.

When it comes to colour, this look is all about achieving a maximum effect with minimal effort. Light accents in the long front section have an eye – catching impact and effectively reflect every movement.


A look for real personalities : edgy and unconventional. The cut supports the natural texture of the air – dried waves, which are given an additional dimension by colouration in shades of popcorn and iced coffee.

The blow – dried style is reminiscent of the emphasised backs of the head of the 1960s, yet remains completely modern, with the purposely dark roots giving the look its rebellious touch.