Definition and softness in an attractive contrast. Playful lengths on the sides and at the nape break up the graphic shape and make the short – hair look seem longer than it actually is. Light reflexes in warm spicy shades lighten the accentuated contour of the fringe section and make the face glow radiantly.


The iconic lion’s mane of the 1980s is now experiencing a modern revival. The heavy fringe and rich shades of brown, which make you think of coffee and chocolate, stand out in ultimate rock style, while a perm loosens up the look. In relaxed curls with a cool texture, nostalgic longing meets uncomplicated joie de vivre.

Suj Lee

An exceptional blonde shade increases the attractiveness of the softly layered long bob with a slightly rounded statement fringe. With its warm and cool shades, the luxury creamy colour is reminiscent of secluded sandy beaches and vanilla ice – cream. The soft colour progression with light reflexes creates a fascinating contrast with the graphically reduced shape.


The soft bowl cut frames the face in an extremely charming way. In the captivating colour progression, the sweetness of cinnamon and shimmering copper combine to produce a unique statement: both hot and cool at the same time, it gives the organic shape of the cut and its wearer almost magnetic expression.