Look 1: Maria


Wave Delight

This character look is characterised by its extremely feminine softness and is reminiscent of the authentic glamour of actresses back in the 1970s. The dynamic cut highlights the natural waves of the hair and creates gentle movement complemented by the flow of the fringe.


Sunkissed Balayage

Subtle reflexes lighten the hair colour like a veil of light. The “mousy hair” look follows the principles of balayage but uses graduations that are almost invisible to the naked eye. In this look, the hair is neither blonde nor brunette but as sunkissed as can be!

Look 2: Une


Tom Boy

A short, androgynous cut with a sophisticated soft focus — fine tips give this short haircut with a round and voluminous structure a texture that can stand out in expressive spikes but also remain slick and close to the head to produce a perfectly polished yet soft tomboy look.


United Blonde

The fascinating duality of gentle naturalness and futuristic modernity is also reflected by the colour of the hair in two creamy blonde shades with a bright shine that perfectly contrasts with the monochromatic directness. Pure blonde — right here, right now.

Look 3: Lida


The Bangs

A strong fringe section defines this look, which is androgynous yet also exudes playful femininity. Disconnected from the rest of the cut, the fringe contrasts with the textured short hair at the sides and nape, while in a different style, the two elements are organically combined.


Beauty Lights

The warm colour palette of an unforgettable sunset inspires the copper shades of the beauty lights, which give the fringe its own special glow. Depending on the style, the highlights either shine bright all together or sparkle as occasional light reflexes scattered between a rich, opaque brown.

Look 5: Camiel

THE CUT - Long


The round structure of this mid – length cut blurs the boundaries between masculine and feminine characteristics. It breathes life into the hair’s curly texture and gives the look an effortless naturalness inspired by the non – conformist codes of the 1970s.

THE CUT - Short


A deep side parting separates the disconnected textured long hair on the top of the head from the short side section. This asymmetrical look reinterprets the classic barber cut of the 1940s with a contemporary style. The look is both masculine and young, with an attractive element of rebellion.