After Sun Hair & Body Shampoo

After-sun shampoo for the hair and body

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Just because our hair doesn’t get sunburnt, this does not mean that it doesn’t have to deal with the effects of the scorching sun. It dries out, becomes straggly and loses its vibrance and shine. Chlorine water in the pool and salt crystals in sea water additionally put the hair under stress, roughen the cuticle and damage the hair structure, as well as drying out the skin on the body. After Sun Hair & Body Shampoo has a caring and conditioning cleansing effect, gently removes aggressive residues from the hair and skin and calms stressed structures by supplying them with moisture. Sunflower extract neutralises the aggressive free radicals produced by UV radiation and protects the hair against pigment loss. It prevents the fading of the hair colour and leaves it looking brilliant for longer. After use, the hair and skin feel soft and well-groomed and exude the summery and sensual scent of Soleil.