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Lifting care for the skin’s timeless beauty around the eyes and lips.
Cell-active hydro lipogel – concentrated hydro power for visibly smooth skin
Skin-refining hydro serum with marine active ingredients
Anti-redness serum with carrot stem cells
Cell-active anti-wrinkle treatment to relax mimic lines and for visibly tightened skin
Cell-active, calming and concealing anti-aging serum for thread veins
Revitalising aromatherapy to stimulate the skin – keep your skin looking young for longer.
Skin-brightening concentrate with Vitamin C and niacin
Hydro concentrate with hyaluronic acid
Revitalising lipid serum to replenish and protect the skin's moisture barrier.
Relaxing aromatherapy oil for dry and sensitive skin
Cell-active anti-aging moisturising serum for dehydrated skin
Protective treat for dry skin
Stimulating aromatherapy oil concentrate for oily and blemished skin – cleanses right down to the pores.
Serum capsules with hydrating hyaluronic acid