Hair Care

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  • volumex
  1. 200ml

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    Cell-active anti-aging shampoo for fine hair
  2. 250ml

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    Shampoo for fine hair in need of care
  3. 100ml

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    Volume body builder for fine hair
  4. 200ml

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    Curl booster for revitalised bounce and elasticity of curls
  5. 150ml

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    Instantly effective volume fluid for fine hair and keratin complex
  6. 100ml

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    Mask for fine, curly hair
  7. 250ml

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    Volume shampoo for thin hair
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    Colour protection shampoo for fine hair with a revolutionary colour protection complex
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    Soft and shiny and easy to comb hair: Wellness conditioner for that intensive extra...
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    For sensuously scented hair: this mild wellness shampoo for daily cleansing results in a...
  11. 200ml

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    Volumising 2-phase express conditioning spray with hair protection complex.
  12. Delivery Time 1-3 Werktage
    Strengthening conditioning shampoo for normal hair – 100 percent natural.