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  1. 15ml

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    Cell-active intensive care for lips with instant anti-crease effect for sensitive,...
  2. 8ml

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    Mascara base for conditioned and long, full lashes
  3. 6ml

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    Lip care gloss with a boost effect for naturally beautiful and full lips
  4. 100ml

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    Acetone-free nail polish remover for perfectly cared for nails
  5. 100ml

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    Gentle eye make-up remover
  6. 100ml

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    Hand scrub for velvety soft, perfectly cared for hands and nails
  7. 100ml

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    Gently conditioning 2-phase eye make-up remover for waterproof eye make-up
  8. 20 pcs

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    Practical make-up remover wipes for gentle cleansing of face, eyes and lips.
  9. 4g

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    • Sensual Lipstick Brilliant B 229 Cranberry
    • Sensual Lipstick Brilliant B 231 Shiny Copper
    Lipstick for irresistible Hollywood lips
  10. 9ml

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    Long-lasting, high-gloss nail polish
  11. 2.1g

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    Slimline lipstick with Phyto Soft complex
  12. 4g

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    Creamy lipstick for velvety soft lips