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Artistic Hair Spray (ex Spray Artistique)
Non-aerosol hairspray for extra strong hold and creative styling
Thickening Cream
Hair thickening styling cream
Volumising Spray (ex Volumising Lotion)
Blow-drying lotion for more volume and reliable hold
Blow Dry Spray (ex Pilviplax P)
A deep-conditioning styling product for more bounce and fullness in the hair
Classic Fanelac Hair Spray (ex Fanelac S)
Hairspray for strong hold, shine and volume
Volumising Mousse (ex Volume Mousse)
Volumising mousse for lasting XXL body – for 48 hours
Classic Formula Hair Laque (ex Formule Laque)
Unchanged formula
Aerosol hairspray for strong hold and creative styling
Glossing Spray
Aerosol shine spray for silky, radiant shine
Styling Fluid
Shaping Styling Fluid
Molding Cream
Modelling styling cream
Intense Formula Hair Laque (ex Formule Laque Ultra Strong)
Aerosol hairspray for extra strong hold and long-lasting styles