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Practical beauty tool: Shapes brows and lashes and removes surplus powder from the eyebrows.
For blending, feathering and shading with loose pigments: round brush made of extra soft, white natural hair.
Mascara base for conditioned and long, full lashes
Ultimate volumising mascara for unmistakably beautiful lashes
Mascara for perfectly defined and long lashes
Practical make-up remover wipes for gentle cleansing of face, eyes and lips.
Waterproof cream eyeshadow with luxurious, silky smooth texture
New trend color
Waterproof eyeliner with unique performance for unforgettable eyes
For the fine application of lines to create fuller looking eyebrows: slanted brush of soft synthetic fibres
Volumising mascara for a false eyelashes effect
New trend color
Soft eye pencil for natural looking eyes – every day
Waterproof eyebrow pencil for high-precision brows
Gentle eye make-up remover
Lash care for conditioned, shiny and radiant lashes
Magical powder eyeshadow with long-lasting, velvety texture
The waterproof eyeliner features an unbeatable texture for intense colour and long-lasting eye make-up.
Gently conditioning 2-phase eye make-up remover for waterproof eye make-up
Silky eyeshadow base for flawless eye make-up
New trend color
Practical eyeshadow pen: Rapidly and easily creates a perfect, smudge and waterproof eye make-up look
New trend color
Long-lasting liquid liner for durable and unforgettable eyes.
Ultimate volumising mascara for unmistakably beautiful lashes
For precise outlining with eyeshadow: slanted soft synthetic fibre brush – for drawing very exact lines
For seamless blending and shading of edges in the lid crease: small eyeshadow brush made of extra soft synthetic fibres.
Tinted eyebrow gel