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  1. 3.3g

    Delivery Time
    • Sensual Lipstick Brilliant B 229 Cranberry
    • Sensual Lipstick Brilliant B 229 Cranberry
    • Sensual Lipstick Brilliant B 236 Sparkling Sorbet
    Lipstick for irresistible Hollywood lips
  2. 4g

    Delivery Time
    • Color Care Lipstick Peach Glow
    Intensively conditioning lipstick with balm core
  3. 2.1g

    Delivery Time
    • True Color Lipstick Pink Salmon
    • True Color Lipstick Red
    • True Color Lipstick Soft Rose
    Slimline lipstick with Phyto Soft complex
  4. 3.3g

    Delivery Time
    • Sensual Lipstick Creamy C142 Strawberry
    • Sensual Lipstick Creamy C139 Teak Rose
    • Sensual Lipstick Creamy C150 Radiant Peach
    • Sensual Lipstick Creamy C137 Paradise Pink
    Creamy lipstick for velvety soft lips.
  5. 3.3g

    Delivery Time
    Gloss lipstick for irresistibly shiny lips.
  6. 4g

    Delivery Time
    • Sensual Lipstick Matt 400 Velvet Rose
    • Sensual Lipstick Matt 402 Rosy Nude
    • Sensual Lipstick Matt 403 Sweet Chestnut
    • Sensual Lipstick Matt M401 Red Tulip
    Matte-look lipstick: Gives the lips a high-coverage, long-lasting lip make-up with a...
  7. 3ml

    Delivery Time 1-3 Werktage
    • Liquid Lipstick Velvet Ruby
    • Liquid Lipstick Sweet Truffle
    • Liquid Lipstick Satin Rose
    • Liquid Lipstick Desert Rose
    Soft Lip Cream