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Conditioning color mask refreshes vibrant reflexes in both natural and colored red hair
Conditioning colour refreshing for vibrant reflections in copper red hair and hair that is coloured copper
Conditioning color mask refreshes reflexes in golden blonde and bleached hair
Demi-permanent colour with anti-yellow effect for natural hair that has turned grey.
Rich, deep-conditioning treatment for shine and softness – 100 percent natural.
Rich organic care oil restores balance to irritated scalps
Conditioning color mask refreshes vibrant reflexes in naturally brown hair
Conditioning colour neutralisation to combat yellow reflections in blonde and bleached hair to create neutral, beige shades
Nourishing leave-in care for all hair types: 100 percent natural.
Sulphate-free shampoo for cool naturally blonde, coloured and bleached hair with a colour protection complex.
Express care and color refresher for cool, blonde and bleached hair
For sensuously scented hair: this mild wellness shampoo for daily cleansing results in a light and airy hair sensation and radiant shine
Conditioning colour refreshing for rich reflections in naturally brown hair and hair that is coloured brown in cool shades
100 percent natural shampoo for strength and softness.
Conditioning color mask to neutralize and combat yellow reflexes in blonde and grey hair
Strengthening conditioning shampoo for normal hair – 100 percent natural.