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After Sun Soothing Facial Cream

The light cream calms and hydrates sun-stressed skin and uses natural antioxidants to combat light-induced damage.
Filling Quantity
50 ml

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When fun in the sun during the day has left its mark in the form of irritated or even red skin in the evening, After Sun Soothing Facial Cream provides pleasantly cooling first aid. Its moisturising formulation calms and relaxes irritated skin as soon as you apply it. Its skin-regenerating active ingredients start to repair the skin immediately by binding the free radicals produced by sun exposure and protecting the cell DNA against long-term damage as a result. At the same time, an intelligent effect complex of sunflower seeds, a natural antioxidant and rosemary extract stimulates the skin’s defence system and protects it against light-induced skin aging and chronic light damage. Stressed skin immediately starts to benefit from youthful elasticity and feels soft, smooth and comfortable – the ideal prerequisites to keep your newly acquired summer tan looking radiantly beautiful for longer.