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Dermosthétique AGE³ Age Complex Reversing Day Cream

The innovative cream formulation protects and revitalises the skin, halts aging processes and makes you look a little bit younger every day.
Filling Quantity
50 ml

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It’s as if they appear overnight: fine yet clearly visible lines begin to show on the skin. There’s no need to worry, and certainly no reason why you should just come to terms with these first signs of aging! The delicately scented and rapidly absorbed AGE³ Complex Age Reversing Day Cream provides a remedy every morning. Its biomimetic formulation blends with the skin’s own hydrolipid film, strengthens the skin and supplies it with important nutrients and lipids it needs to remain relaxed and protected throughout the day. With extracts of red sage, gotu kola, rosemary, rice and niacin, the powerful AGE³ complex neutralises free radicals, simply reverses the glycation of the skin cells, which causes wrinkles, and boosts cell renewal. The skin is left looking youthful, firmed and revitalised, and the signs of skin aging appear significantly reduced – a little bit more each day.