Automatic Pencil for Brows

The waterproof eyebrow pencil gives you magically flawless, conditioned and perfectly shaped eyebrows with a natural finish.
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0,28 g

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    Eyebrows give your face expression and character. That is why perfect styling is very important. The soft texture of this waterproof eyebrow pencil contains ultra-fine pigments that gently caress the brows and shade the fine hairs. Automatic Pencil for Brows models and structures the brow shape and subtly intensifies the eyes. The integrated spiral brush creates natural shading, perfects the eyebrow arch and emphasises the natural expression of the eyes. The high-precision pencil enables an unbeatably easy application. Automatic Pencil for Brows is waterproof and ensures that beach beauties look sexy for a long time, even after a happy day in the water.