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Belesthétique The Cream

With highly effective plant ingredients and an exclusive anti-aging phyto complex with iris and white truffle, The Cream visibly lifts the facial contours and helps the skin to maintain its timeless beauty and youthfulness.
Filling Quantity
50 ml

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The Cream is the exclusive answer to the special demands of more mature skin. Specially selected plant ingredients with tested and proven efficacy highly effectively and naturally support the skin in maintaining its timeless beauty and youthfulness.
In the heart of the formulation, the anti-aging phyto complex of iris, white truffle, paracress and lupin optimises the exchange of nutrients between the different layers of skin and stabilises the connective tissue. The skin becomes firmer, and the facial contours are clearly defined*.

Like a magnet, corn extract binds moisture for 72 hours in the skin, and thus contributes to optimum functioning of the skin cells and a stable barrier layer.** A protection complex of rice and rosemary extract protects the skin’s DNA from damage.*

The various effect complexes are combined to form a biomimetic emulsion with skin-related properties that ensure high bioavailability of the ingredients and high tolerance by the skin.

The perfectly balanced combination of its components turns The Cream into a highly effective lifting care with visible results: The facial contours look significantly lifted, wrinkles are reduced, the skin is lastingly moisturised and its youthful radiance restored.

*Proven in vitro with the used active ingredient
**Proven in a clinical study with the used active ingredient