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Belesthétique The Eye Cream

With effect complexes of exclusive plant extracts, The Eye Cream relaxes, lifts and defines the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips and naturally restores its youthful radiance.
Filling Quantity
15 ml

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With an effective active ingredient concept and selected plant active ingredients, The Eye Cream is designed for the eye and lip contours, the areas of the face that are in the spotlight on a daily basis. Signs of tiredness and skin aging become visible in the sensitive eye area even faster and more clearly than elsewhere. Dark undereye shadows and swelling impair youthful radiance as much as mimic lines and lines caused by dryness. As the latter also affect the equally sensitive skin of the lipline, they can be treated with the same active ingredients.
Paracress extract relaxes and defines the eye and lip contours.** Together with iris, white truffle and lupin, it forms the anti-aging phyto complex that optimises the supply of nutrients to the skins layers, strengthens the connective tissue and irons out wrinkles.*
It is supported by corn extract which acts like a magnet to bind moisture for 72 hours in the skin.**
Active ingredients of hawkweed and daisy boost the circulation of the eye area and reduce undereye shadows.** A complex of rice and rosemary extract protects the skin from DNA damage.**
Wrinkles and mimic lines look visibly lifted, the completely protected, perfectly moisturised skin around the eyes and lips radiates youthful vitality.

*Proven in vitro with the used active ingredient
**Proven in a clinical study with the used active ingredien