Article No. 120115

Calming Aroma Complex

The aroma complex utilises the therapeutic powers of essential oils to restore sensitive scalps to their healthy balance and strengthen general well-being.
Filling Quantity
30 ml

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When your head is really spinning, the soothing fragrance of this aroma complex provides relaxation. Gently massaged in, essential oils soothe and strengthen the scalp and stress dissipates. The special composition of these oils gives them a holistic effect. Not only does the scalp benefit from the aroma treatment, but also the psyche via the limbic system in the brain. Extracts of manuka, black pepper, magnolia, frankincense and citrus fruits alleviate inner restlessness, strengthen the body's physical and mental defences and promote a feeling of harmony. At the same time, the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial powers of the essential oils restore balance to the sensitive, irritated scalp. Stabilised and with new resistance, it can optimally fulfil its functions, which manifests itself in a relaxed skin feeling and healthy hair growth.