Article No. 002155

Cold Cream

Extremely rich protective cream for particularly sensitive facial skin: unpleasant feelings of tightness are instantly and noticeably reduced
Filling Quantity
30 ml

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This water in oil emulsion offers intensive protection against damaging external influences such as wind, water, cold or dryness. Thanks to its rich consistency, it coats the face like a protective mantle. The skin becomes more resistant and is intensively protected. The particularly high content of phytosterols and ceramides, natural components of the skin, replenish defects in the skin barrier. Dry skin is thus actively combated and it is softer and looks youthfully cared for The skin’s barrier function is strengthened, and the skin’s signs of aging are reduced. Ideal for exposure to snow, extreme cold and winds, as well as extremely dry air for intensive protection and care of the skin. Can also be used as a protective cream for sports and extreme sun exposure.